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Freddie Garrity…(of the dreamers) died friday night, 19th may 2006
RIP Freddie,…………….Brian & Kath.

As you may have heard, Freddie Garrity ..(of freddie & the dreamers ) died last month, I was a friend of him, visited him etc, I have Freddies last disc.’Live & Kicking’, signed by freddie himself, with his ‘ famous silver pen’., This is a must for freddie fans, I also have autographs of freddie, but the big one is the hand signed disc. I am selling it to anyone who may be interested, it will only increse in value, but due to my illness & maintaing website, i’m struggling. Offers for the hand signed (with freddies ‘famous silver pen)..over £20. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] I tell you this, I do not normaly sell my stuff, but if it helps me continue my site, it will be worth it. Brian. RIP ‘Freddie’.

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Gene Pitney
Sad loss of Gene Pitney, sadly, on tour. He died, aged 65, going on the information I got from New York time 4th of April 2006. Goodbye Gene from Brian and Kath

This site is dedicated to merseybeat music and all other 60’s acts UK and USAMore than any other decade, the FAB Sixties was, and still is the greatest music we are ever likely to hear.I feel so good when I go to see 60’s bands still rockin and rollin, when you would think they would just say, well, I have done that , time to put my feet up!  not with the likes of The Merseybeats, Searchers, Hermits, B.J. Kramer, Gerry Marsden (who not long ago had heart surgery), Dave Berry, Mike Berry, Billie Davis, Dave Dee,Dozy,beaky, Mick and Titch…(and the kitchen sink!), Tremolos, this list could go on & on, sadly many great acts have passed away, but the music lives on. So many young people are now into 60’s music, many groups of like-minded young people are on the internet, ‘The Swinging 60’s Zone’, is a great example of this. No music of today could stand the test of time as the sixties have done & still standing!. So go to your music collection put your fav rave on, and have a look through this site, I hope you enjoy it and visit again.

Brian. (merseybeatlover1)

This is kinky!
It’s all there, the raunchy guitar, the rough cut voice, the ‘tricky riffs’, and the competitive lyrics. This CD, is both message and music performed as only a ‘Kink’, could put together. Of course, Ray’s discipline is not there, and may be missed by some of the more puritanical ears.The combination of serious and funny lyrics and three bonus tracks recorded live, require a full time slot to listen to the whole CD in one session to enjoy it’s full potency. Most of the new tracks were written by Dave, or co- written by him, he performs on guitar, vocals & keyboard. For me The Kinks, meandered from main stream and came up with something different, that has endured. (August 2004)

The merseybeat, 60’s, Liverpool music, was for me, the best music that’s ever been heard. It made the way for all players, singers of today. Many famous people from the merseybeat era contact me, by email, which will be added, as soon as possible.

Sad news, ‘Bob Wooler MC at the Cavern, where the young Beatles played, has died, Also, Charlie Lennon, John’s uncle, his Dad’s brother. Charlie wrote a song called, ‘The Ships Of The Mersey’, he was a well liked man. Bob and Charlie both died last year in 2002.

The photo is the famous Grapes, this is where all the merseybeat bands and singers went for a real drink, the Cavern only sold cola, tea & coffee in the early days. They also went to the White Star pub, just around the corner from the Grapes.

The Beatles went to the White Star pub, when they were barred from the Grapes because of John Lennon, putting drink covered beer mats on the pub roof, and waited as the beer mats dried, and fell on customers.

Mathew Street today still gives a ‘goosepimple’ feeling, as you walk down, going down the five flights of stairs, to the Cavern club, can make you cry, the feeling is so strong.

We can’t forget Manchester, Home of the ‘Hollies’, and of course ‘Freddie & The Dreamers’ aka frantic Freddie, all music is cool there are so much bands/singers, from Manchester, but all are equal in the 60’s pool of life. Allan Clarke (retired), now front man is Carl Wayne (The Move). All the best to Allan and Carl.

Adam Faith (Terence Nelhams)
Born June 23rd 1940, Died March 8th 2003.  He was 62. He formed the ‘Worried Men’, skiffle group in 1956, inspired by the late Lonnie Donegan.
Rest in peace Adam.

Mickie Most
Producer of the Animals, Lulu, Jeff Beck, Donovan, Kim Wilde, Hot Chocolate, Mud, Susie Quatro, Rubettes. He died in his London home at the beginning of June 2003 aged 64, after suffering with a rare cancer for about a year.
R.I.P. Mickie.

Billy Fury
1940 – 1983
RIP in my mind the greatest solo singer to come out of Liverpool then and now. He was born at 8.45am on April 17, 1940 in Smithdown hospital, Liverpool, weighing 6lbs 15oz. His real name, Ronald William Wycherley, though he was going to be called Kenneth. At 11 Ron (Billy) started piano lessons, but three years later, his parents bought him his first guitar from Frank Hennessy’s, just off Mathew Street. There is so much to say about this fantastic singer, I would advise any Billy Fury fans, to just look up on the web as their are dedecated sites to Billy, and more than I can ever do. At 2:10pm on 28 January 1983 he was pronounced dead on arrival at St Marys Hospital, London he apparently died in the ambulance. The heart weakness that dogged him throughout his life finally claimed him. Do yourself a favor, and play one of his tracks, you won’t regret it!

Joe Meek
Joe Meek was born 75 years ago (this update September 2004), but in February 1967, he committed suicide at his flat and recording studio in London after shooting dead his landlady, Mrs Shenton. Joe Meek is remembered as one of the great record producers with sounds way ahead of their time, including ‘Telstar’ by the Tornados. It became a No 1 in 1962 in the UK and USA. Other top names who recorded for Joe were John Layton (Johnny Remember Me), Honeycombs (Have I The Right). Screaming lord Sutch, Anne Shelton, Mike Berry, The Outlaws, Heinz and many more. Various programmes on TV and radio, and talk of a feature film, keep Joe’s name alive. The Joe Meek Appreciation Society Has a magazine called ‘Thunderbolt’, it’s full of information and reviews of many of RGM sounds recording artists,as well as a monthly newsletter to all members. Anyone with an intrest in early 1960’s music should become a member of the Society. Membership and other details, www.joemeekappreciationsociety.com

The Hollies

This British quintet was formed in 1962 and named after the late Buddy Holly, consisting of lead singer Allan Clarke, guitarists Graham Nash and Tony Hicks, bassist Eric Haydock, and drummer Don Rathbone. In 1963, before the group started having hits, Bobby Elliot replaced Don; Bernie Colvert took Eric’s place in ’66; and in ’68, when Graham left to form Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, he was replaced by Terry Sylvester. The Hollies All-Time Greatest Hits

Total time – 40:19
Lyrics, sound files, and tabs for these songs and more can be found here.

1. Just One Look (2:28) – This song, somewhat faster than moderate, was a hit for Doris Troy earlier and for Linda Ronstadt later; I knew about those two versions long before I knew that the Hollies sang it.

2. Look Through Any Window (2:17) – This moderate-tempoed song opens with a 6-second guitar solo. Through the windows of any building in London, one can see people smiling, little children playing, women in gowns, and cars driving along “the highways and byways.”

3. Bus Stop (2:54) – The tempo is moderately fast. People meet future spouses in many different ways; the narrator of this song meets a girl at a bus stop. As he holds his umbrella over both their heads, they fall in love and resolve to get married.

4. Stop, Stop, Stop (2:49) – In this fast song, instruments include a banjo. The narrator falls madly in love with a dancer. As his blood pressure rises and sweat wets his eyebrows, he begs her to stop dancing so he can breathe, and also so he can embrace her.

5. On A Carousel (3:12) – This moderate-tempoed song features a tambourine. The narrator hopes that by riding a carousel he can catch up to the girl. But I doubt that he can, since safety rules require that riders stay in the same seat throughout the ride. And once the ride is over, she undoubtedly will start running again.

6. Carrie Ann (2:54) – This song, also with a moderate tempo, features an instrument that remotely resembles a duck quacking. When the narrator and Carrie Ann were children, they used to play a “janitor” and a “monitor,” respectively, whatever that meant. Now that they’re grown, he asks her what game she’s playing now and if anyone can play. Could that game be love?

7. Dear Eloise (3:04) – This song starts and ends with a single verse during which the tempo is slow and the only instrument is an organ. For the rest of the song, the regular instruments play and the tempo is somewhat slower than moderate. The name of the girl to whom the narrator is singing and writing is pronounced “El-o-eez.” He recently learned that the man for whom Eloise had left him has now left her. When the narrator thinks of this event as “the best thing that’s happened to me,” Allan’s voice vibrates at the last syllable of “happened.” Yet the narrator writes that he’s sorry for Eloise that the other man, many years her senior, has left her. Just before the final verse, the music tones down like a decelerating turntable.

8. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (4:19) – This slow song features a harmonica. The narrator has not the slightest objection to carrying an apparently disabled man along a long, winding road. Whether they’re blood brothers or the narrator just thinks of the other man as a brother in the spiritual sense, the narrator does not think of the other man as a burden.

9. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) (3:17) – The volume on this disc is fickle; turn it up a bit if you want to hear this song at an equal volume to the previous eight. Anyway, this 1972 hit is my favorite Hollies song. The tempo is moderately fast. The guitar licks slightly resemble the style of Creedence Clearwater Revival, which by this time had fallen apart. As the narrator walks along the streets of downtown Washington DC, he spots and becomes infatuated with a tall, black-dressed woman.

10. Long Dark Road (4:16) – The tempo is slightly faster than moderate. Instruments include an organ, a harmonica, and a tambourine. The narrator has to walk along an endless, unlit road now that his relationship with the girl has ended. During the chorus, each word of the title takes up a whole measure.

11. The Air That I Breathe (4:10) – Turn the volume back down for this slow song, for the chorus gets kind of loud. At least sometimes, the only two things the narrator needs are to breathe air and to love the girl to whom he’s singing.

12. Another Night (3:53) – The tempo is moderate. One instrument I hear sounds, at the beginning, like a clarinet; however, during the rest of the song, it sounds more like a harmonica. It seems that every Saturday night, the narrator is “losing”–apparently at the games his girlfriend plays with him while they’re out dancing.

Another Song By The Hollies

Don’t Run And Hide (2:32) – The tempo is slightly faster than moderate. Instruments include a tambourine and a harmonica. The narrator tells the girl that by running and hiding from people, she only hurts herself.

Conversation with Bill Harry (founder of Mersey Beat paper and friend of the Beatles)Merseybeatlover1 [13:20]: 

Afternoon Bill, hope things are well with you, it’s cold & windy here, and myself & kath have the flu!
BillHarry [13:23]: It’s been quite mild in London. We’re off to Liverpool in the morning.
I looked at your Cilla Black piece this morning and it’s wrong.
Cilla had been asking me to manage her and I was too busy with Mersey Beat. Virginia and i were down at the Blue Angel one night and Cilla was there with her mate Pat Davies. I spotted Brian Epstein and andrew Loog Oldham at the bar and had an idea. I went up to Eppy and asked if he would do me a favour and listen to a girl sing. He said okay, so I went to Cilla and asked if

BillHarry [13:25]: she could sing Boys. She said okay. I then went to the band, the Masterminds and asked them if they could back Cilla on Boys. They said okay. When she finished I took her over to epstein. She came over to me and said he asked her to come to his office in the morning. He signed her the next day and she phoned me to tell me.
I dobn’t know why she put that rubbish about Bye Bye Blackbird in her book. The Blue didn’t have a jazz group there. She sang Boys. Andrew Loog Oldham has e-mailed me remembering the

BillHarry [13:26]: event and the Masterminds have e-mailed me confirming it. Virginia also remembers it clearly. Obviously, Cilla likes to believe in the made-up publicity stories that Brian’s PR concocted for her,

Merseybeatlover1 [13:27]: see, thanks for that information, will correct the site soon
BillHarry [13:28]: I’m off to Liverpool in the morning, so I’ve got to rush out soon for petrol and things. Talk to you next week.

Merseybeatlover1 [13:29]: Ok, have a safe journey, talk soon. Bye.

What No Beatles

Many have emailed me asking why not more features on THE BEATLES, well with so many BEATLE sites on the web, anything I could do could be found in thousands of  BEATLE related sites.

One site I recomend you visit is Mersey Beat. This is Bill Harry’s site, and if you know the Beatles that well, you should know Bill Harry, Bill started the music paper MERSEY BEAT in the sixties was friends with The Beatles & a host of other Mersey beat acts. He has written many books on many acts and is well respected.  You can find Bill’s site at   www.triumphpc.com/mersey-beat/

Below is the Cavern Club floor plan, Mathew Street, Liverpool

Legal Stuff

Would visitors please note that ALL articles , photographs are copyright to : Merseybeat abd , Bill Harry , David Parker. None of the contents of this website ;’Merseybeat Abd’ , may be used without consent from Merseybeat Abd


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