Friends in liverpool

Updated: October 2006

I have been lucky enough to meet Allan Williams, the Beatles first manager, responsable for getting them gigs in Hamburg, Germany. This is where they became pro’s. They worked very long hours for very little pay, taking pills to keep them awake on their 12-14 hour stints.

Allan, still can be found in Liverpool. His famous saying ‘I would not touch them (the Beatles) with a ******g barge pole!

Eddie Porter.. Who you ask? Well Eddie has been the tour guide on the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ for over twenty years. I have talked to him on many occasions, he has met loads of famous people, he is a great friend of the lennon family, and a very nice bloke, he always has time for a chat with anyone.

If you want to know anything about the Beatles or any other acts from the ‘pool’ he’s your man.

Info On Merseybeatlover1 (by brian)

Hello, I’m Male 48 ,single, after many close calls!. I now use my time looking into all kinds of 60’s music, though, I love George Formby, I don’t know why!, I just do! I go to Liverpool 3-5 times each year. I, due to liver & kidney probs, can’t  work anymore, I used to fillet fish for many years. I play guitar, have small mixing console ,etc. But I just love the FAB 60’s, you may notice, on real radio channels, the demand for playing those yesteryear gifts, are increasing in demand. There is a young generation out there, wanting to hear this 60’s  music, why ? , because, they are fed-up, with the usual stuff, which just go’s on in an endless loop. I may be older, but the younger ones who have contacted me, say, I wish we could get the sixtie’s back, Searchers, freddie & the Dreamers, Billy.j.Kramer, Gerry & the pacemakers, Fourmost, merseybeats!, Big Three, undertakers,and who else!, oh the beatles!!, This list could go one for ages, just remember music is the key to memories , and if your still young ! lucky you! you can still get em in record stores, ‘Be Careful when buying 60’s cd boxed sets make sure it states on box,’ Original Recordings’,  NOT original artists. If you have any comments, goto links for email.

Updated 1 October 2003.
Was down to Liverpool again with my two brothers. My youngest brother, was amazed at the power/life, of the ‘pool’. My oldest bro was in the ‘pool’ before, but missed the bus!, never saw anything else, (he was a bit too drunk). My youngest brother loved, ‘Liverpool’, and can’t wait to get back! (excuse pun!)..for myself.. I will visit the ‘pool’ as much as I can….(1  – 8) times a year.

Updated 2 October 2003
Hello, got mega wind-up from John Dean, stating the ‘Chippolatos’ had a hit in 1957 with ‘Eating My Dinner’!. I fell for that wind -up, and to this day, still can’t get over the wind-up!…I have to say… it was great!, got me like a kipper!
John Dean runs NECR, local radio.

Billie spies spider (Update October 2004)
Stars on tour in Australia are having a good time and the tours are going well,except that Billie Davis had a bit of a scare one night. “I’m standing on stage doing my opening number ‘Higher and Higher’ when suddenly , I looked up to see a very large spider spinning its web right in front of me, about 2 ft from the mike stand. It was so large I gasped at the audience, ‘Is that real?’ they replied, ‘yes’. I finished my set came off and told Gerry Marsden,’ Billy said. From then on it was hunt the spider. P.J. Proby said that, if it had happened to him,he would have put it on his finger and sung to it. Aaahhh.
Used with permission from David Parker the beat magazine

They love them, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
One of the most successful cover groups from the 60’s is planning a celebration of 1965 in 2005. For the past two years, The Cavern Beatles have been touring the UK with a show concentrating on a specific era. In 1964. The Beatles – the world’s greatest act – dominated the pop charts on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2005. The Cavern Beatles “Live! ’65” show will focus on 1965, the year of The Beatles’ second feature film,Help!, their 5th and 6th albums, Help! and Rubber Soul, and the band’s move to performing huge concerts in Baseball stadium. A feature of the “Live! ’65’ show will be a re-creation of The Beatles biggest concert at Shea Stadium in New York, on August 15. 1965 to a crowd of 56,000. “They have studied the mannerisms, gestures and expressions of their superstar subjects and they are accomplished singers and instrumentalists who manage to capture the musical feel of the original Fab Four” claimed former Beatle Press Officer, Tony Barrow.

Meet my mate Paul…!…..sorry…. Dom.

Hello sixties groovers, meet Dom, a friend & a very talented guy, Dom plays guitar & sings…and he is good. It’s a honour to have him as a friend plus the fact he is like me!…a 60’s nutter!..even though he fancies himself!….hee hee.

NAME: Dominic Williams
D.O.B: 01/03/1986
MUSICAL LIKES: The Beatles and most of the 60’s Bands, early 60’s particuarly.

Brian is a Beautiful Guy Brian Smith and he really shows his love of good music, with all the great bands such as the Beatles, Freddie and The Dreamers (He is a Personal Friend of THE Freddie Garrity and Also John Lennon’s Lifelong Friend Bill Harry) and i am Honoured to have him as a friend in this world of Busted and McFly and all those other very bad “Pop Artists” where we can keep the 60’s alive and let everybody know that the 60’s were a great time for Music. a Really Great Time, keep on Rockin Brian!

Dominic, xx

Brian. (merseybeatlover1)