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Updated: October 2006

Fav Top 10

Oh impossible! Well, here’s some of hundreds that I like, why don’t you contact me, tell me your top 10, I will make a chart, I wonder which song will hit the ‘Top Spot’!

Also e-mail with stories if you have any, relating to the 60’s, merseybeat,fashon etc. Remember, your top 10, must be between 1960 – 1969.

Well here are my 10, but they are all fantastic.

No.1 And Your Bird Can Sing (from the album ‘Revolver’)
No.2 Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Gerry & The Pacemakers)
No.3 What Have They Done To The Rain (The Searchers)
No.4 Going Back (Dusty Springfield)
No.5 Yes I Will (The Hollies)
No.6 I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (Beatles)
No.7 Friday On My Mind (Easybeats)
No.8 She’s My Girl (The Turtles)
No.9 I’ll Keep You Satisfied (B.J.Krammer & The Dakotas)
No.10 Nowhere Man (Beatles)

Well thats my selection, album tracks, singles, merseybeat, american… whats yours? Can you better my selection? Oh I can hear you now!

Who Are They?

Below is a list of famous acts from the fab sixties, the real names are listed, But who are they known as now?

Doris Rappelhoff
David Grundy
Stevsland Judkins
Trevor Sandford
Jiles Perry Richardson
David Spencer
Terry Parsons
Thomas Hicks
Terrence Melham
Brian Rankin
Lynn Annette Riply
Herbert Khaury
Mark Field
Reg Dorsey
Pricila White

If you want the answers to all / any, email using the link.

Who was ‘Long John Baldrys’ , Backing group in the 60’s, Was it:

1: The Arangement

2: The Undertakers

3: The Thunderbirds

What was’ Paul & Barry Ryan’s’ First Hit in the fab 60’s ?

Who Had a record out in March 1965 called ‘Digging My Potatos’ ?

How many singles has the ‘Fourmost’ had in the charts ?

Beatles Prepared
‘The Beatles in Liverpool Beyond’ – featured on BBC Radio Merseyside’s ‘On The Beat ‘, with Spencer Leigh, is now endorsed by Beatles writer Bill Harry and Beatles promoter Sam Leach, see links and click on ‘Merseybeat Forever’, to find more (Aug.2004)

50 – year homage to King Elvis (Update October 2004)
Sun Studios, Memphis, where Elvis Presley created rock ‘n’ roll 50 years ago, celebrated the Kings life last month (August 2004). In a small room, where Presley used to stand, is the original microphone used by Elvis to record, ‘That’s All Right’ on July 5th 1954. Each year, 125,000 visitors from all over the world flock to the site. It’s annual Elvis week of events include fan club meetings and partys, candlelight procession past Presleys grave in a small garden beside the house. The tributes go on through-out the night of August 15th and the anniversary of Elvis’s death aged 42 on August 16th 1977.
Used with permission from David Parker, the beat magazine

Things you may not have known about, ‘The Merseybeats’
They were originally called THE MAVERICKS
They changed their name to THE MERSEYBEATS in 1962 long before the Beatles put Liverpool on the musical map.
They appeared hundreds of times at the CAVERN club, Liverpool in their own show and often had the BEATLES os their guests.
Brian Epstein originally managed THE MERSEYBEATS but lost out to Kit Lambert who later went on to discover THE WHO!!
THE MERSEYBEATS recorded seven Top 50 singles and spent 64 weeks in the U.K. Charts between September 1963 to January 1966.
Dusty Springfield also recorded a version of, “Wishin And Hopin” at the same time as THE MERSEYBEATS but it was their record that was the hit!
That they briefly changed their name to THE MERSEYS and spent a further 13 weeks in the Charts, reaching No.4 with their classic hit “Sorrow”
David Bowie later recorded his version of “Sorrow” and at the time named THE MERSEYBEATS as his favourite group!
That the current line up of THE MERSEYBEATS still contain two original founder members in Tony Crane & Billy Kinsley plus tony’s son Adrian.
That “THE MERSEYS” were Tony Crane & Billy Kinsley (with a backing group) making them now the only 60’s hit recording artistes with an 100% original line up!
That Billy Kinsley left the group in 1973 to form the much respected group Liverpool Express who spent 26 weeks in the charts most notably with “You Are My Love” between 1976 – 1977
Billy Kinsley returned to THE MERSEYBEATS in 1992 and has been an ever present member since.
“its love that really counts”
“I think of you”
“Don’t turn around”
“Wishin and hopin”
“Last night”
“I love you, yes I do”
“I stand accused”
Personal Representation & all Administration, TONY SHERWOOD. Email: [email protected]
The Merseybeats Fan Club:
The Vinery, 8 Picket Piece, Andover, Hampshire SP11 6UL

Johnny Kidd and the Pirates

By Bill Harry

Johnny Kidd was one of the leading British rock ‘n’ roll stars at the beginning of the Sixties.

Born Frederick Heath in Willesden, north-west London, on 23 December 1939, he formed his first group, Freddie Heath & the Nutters, during the skiffle boom. An EMI recording contract brought him his first hit with his debut record ‘Please Don’t Touch’, which reached No. 25 in the charts in 1959.

By that time he’d changed his name to Johnny Kidd and dubbed his backing band the Pirates. The group comprised Brian Gregg on bass guitar, Art Caddy on lead guitar and Clem Cattini on drums. This line-up left him in 1961 to become the Tornadoes.

With a touch of showbiz, Johnny capitalized on the Pirates name, presenting a show which featured a pirate theme. He wore swashbucking leather gear and a black eye-patch over his left eye. It was rumoured that he had originally worn the patch one night on stage after a guitar string broke into his eye. Joe Brown used to comment that Jack Good made Johnny wear the patch to stop him winking at the Vernons Girls! It became a trademark and he always carried six of them, due to the fact that fans kept pinching them.

When his original backing group left, he took on Cuddy Duddley’s former backing band and later formed the trio which was to have some influence on heavy metal bands of the future – Mick Green on guitar, Johnny Spencer on bass and Frank Farley on drums.

‘Please Don’t Touch’ was followed by ‘You Got What It Takes’, which also reached No. 25. His next release, the classic ‘Shakin’ All Over’, reached the No. 1 spot. This was followed by ‘Restless’, also in 1960, which reached No. 22.

There were several other hits, which included ‘A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues’ and ‘I’ll Never Get Over You.’

Johnny Kidd & the Pirates appeared for a week at the Cavern from Monday 14 May 1962 and later topped the bill above the Beatles on Friday 10 August 1962 during the Riverboat Shuffle on the Royal Iris.

In the midst of a hectic schedule of one-nighters, Johnny was killed in a car crash at Radcliffe, Lancashire on 7 October 1966. He was 26 years old.

This is my little tribute to the late and very great, GEORGE FORMBY. His show business spanned EXACTLY FORTY YEARS. Beginning in 1921 until his death in 1961. He appeared in 21 hit films and cut over 230 records. The lyrics below, are very crude!, though the radio stations that played the track did not know the cruidness of it….Do yourself a favour, and get the track and play it !…bet you will find it very crude ,but VERY funny. Me, I think he was great, & always play his music in-between my 60’s music. Brian. Feb. 05.

Things have gone wrong with my love song I’m not serenading tonight.
In my place there’s somebody new, doing the things that I ought to do.
I wonder who’s under her balcony now, who’s kissing my girl
Will he kiss her under the nose,
Or underneath the archway where the Sweet William grows
If he’s fresh and gets too free, I hope a bulldog bites him in the place it bit me.

I wonder who s under her balcony now, who s kissing my girl.
I wonder who’s under her balcony now, who’s kissing my girl.
Will he kiss her under the nose, or underneath the archway where the Sweet William’.
I will bet ten to one, there’s not a thing that he can do that I haven’t done.
I wonder who’s under her balcony now, who’s kissing my girl.
I wonder who’s under her balcony now, who’s kissing my girl.
Will he kiss her under the nose or underneath the porch way where the Sweet William grows.
May he fall, feel a wreck, and stagger home with half the trellis work round his neck.
I wonder who’s under her balcony now, who’s kissing my girl.
I wonder who’s under her balcony now, who’s kissing my girl.
Will he kiss her under the nose, or underneath the archway where the Sweet William grows.
I hope he, catches the lot, when she empties out her old geranium pot .
I wonder who’s under her balcony now, who’s kissing my girl.

Having been a sixties music/style etc guy… now 50! my birthdate is …13th January 1955………I’m impressed with the NOW hifi sound you can have…DVD players..ipods..etc, …But….play a good condition 45rpm or 33..through an valve amp….you get a real sound, better if you own a Lany.. 1967…100w amp!, ( I own this, but even at 0 settings..whooooo!). I would like to mention a magazine I have subscribed to for a few years that gives you all the information you would want to know about, from 50’s to 70’s, it has proved it’s one of the best around today, I’m telling you now..(Freddie again!)…it IS the BEST, it’s on link page…The Beat Mag, give it a look, you will love it, ..PS, Let em know you got this info from this site merseybeatabd.co.uk, I gain nothing from it ,apart from some articles from this fab mag.
Latest May 2005 …..Faron, of ‘ The Flamingos’, is not a well man, half his heart is dead, and is ‘touch and go’ at this update. Best Wishes to Faron and family at this very sad time.. for more news on Faron look at guestbook here for the name, Arty Davis…he will let you know as he is the drummer with the flamingos.
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